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Vlogging for business. Is this an effective activity?… try to avoid professional jargon. As it was the case then, it is still annoying today

There was a time when companies use to produce the classic presentation films and the main strengths of these video productions were the attention grabbing, brand communication and credibility. They worked for a while but people changed, behaviours changed. Still, we can observe the same appeal for films and video content. There are other benefits, of course, but, in my view, the three listed above should be enough to argue for video communication.

I was glad to participate 11 years ago as a trainee at an agent’s pitch to a state agency and familiarise myself with their portfolio. Then, same as today, a quality video production distinguished you from the crowd and positions your business among the big companies, even for the simple reason that it was extremely expensive.

Meanwhile, things have evolved a lot, the emergence of smartphones made it possible to produce movies in the palm of your hand with 4k HD quality, and the new social platforms made it possible to distribute them at extremely low costs. Everything has evolved, and most importantly, the consumption behaviour of our key audiences has changed, so the old presentation video is anachronistic. It’s overwhelmed by times, especially because people no longer want to watch a 5-minute video about a company and the CEO’s speech, it’s boring! The audience wants to be encouraged and people want practical information and entertainment. Based on our experience, video audiences on social networks are on average at least 3 times more watched than other posts.

People now have smartphones and tablets, not just the TV. For this reason alone, I will never communicate on Facebook or LinkedIn about my service offering because the content is not practical or interesting even if I address a relevant audience. Instead I will talk about problems and offer solutions, I will talk about our competencies so that my message will be interesting, informative and will not get people bored.

There is much to debate on this subject and a series of good practices that I will probably address in another article. Returning to video production, video content must be exactly the same as social networking posts and of course there are some recipes that could make a video a viral with millions of views.

The premises of this article are as follows: People’s behaviour has changed in respect to the types of content they prefer. And premise 2 is: If in your digital marketing strategy, vlogging is a recommended activity, then it is preferable to communicate via video on social networks even if it means creating amateurish looking content with your mobile phone.

And in the end … try to avoid professional jargon. As it was the case then, it is still annoying today.

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