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The struggle to capture the attention on social media and the Content Marketing Outsourcing Dilemma

There are hundreds of studies that talk about the most appropriate moment of time for Facebook posts, or about the frequency, content, and type of posts that receive the most appreciation. In connection with the type of posts, such as photos, videos, links, or plain text, views converge to visual content, including the official Facebook page is recommending them.


The right moment of the day for postings can be very simple. Facebook has some very useful information and graphs on pages that give you useful information about page audience and activity based on time of day. This often coincides with work schedule, lunch time, and pre-sleep time.

How many times do you post each day?, they ask. There are reports suggesting that frequent posts increase interaction. And as you may have suspected, few posts reduce the chances of fans seeing your messages. But as the rate of those who leave your page increases from 3 posts per day upwards, you need to find the perfect balance between the two.

How should an ideal Facebook post look like? is the hardest question, there are the studies I remember talking about about the best statistics and practices and definitely the first things you have to consider. But there are others that deserve to be considered. I only have two:


It refers to the posting message and whether it is of interest to your audience. It no longer refers to the degree of proximity between you and the target person because the new Facebook algorithm solved the ‘problem’ by choosing to expose you to the relevant audience.


There is a lot of talk about the first few seconds that can form a decisive opinion about someone and there are studies in this respect and enough empirical arguments. When it comes to Facebook, the seconds might become just one second, as it passes through the eyes during scrolling. If your key visuals appeal attracts, the initial second doubles and someone may read your post / post title. But if the post does not convince, your second is up.



All these sounds great if the engagement is an objective and the organic growth the aim. But these days the constant changes in the algorithm, the low page reach going lower makes this aim quite obsolete as the engagement can be obtained by ppc. Some companies found that is better to use a proxy for ppc campaigns anyway as it builds credibility and by outsourcing the digital marketing cuts costs.

There are no shortcuts in building and maintaining a community. This is a costly endeavour and the benefits are great, just to mention employer branding. But targeting, low costs of social media advertising and digital journals with social media boost make high costs of specialised in-house teams a thing of the past. We believe to be the future in publishing, and this is why we offer the digital marketing services on this very platform.

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