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CEO top recommended book. ‘The Gambleneur’ is available on 7 Amazon markets.

DiGITAL BUSINESS JOURNAL’s top recommended ebook for CEOs is now available on 7 Amazon markets. Read the The Gambleneur

“The language is clear-cut and lacking pretentious sophistication. This book doesn’t aim to impress but to enkindle. If you believe a distinguished marketing practitioner with a vast working experience in sectors such as: financial services, cryptocurrency, management consulting, legal consulting, real estate, automotive, construction and nonprofit, might have some insightful ideas and recommendation, you will be right.”

– DiGITAL BUSINESS JOURNAL, The Premier Journal for the European Digital Business Sector

The Gambleneur – When the Marketing Investment is Inefficient and Ineffective” reveals the premises that defines a ‘gambleneur’ and imperative marketing activities that are the foundation for a performant marketing department.
Furthermore, it reviews the most important concepts and theories regarding competitive strategy as a foundation for business growth, debates to what extent these concepts and theories are known and used by the managers and entrepreneurs, and finally, on a tactical level, identifies some current business development techniques and tools. You may purchase a copy below. Click here!

You may purchase a copy below

Click here to download The Gambleneur – When the Marketing Investment is Inefficient and Ineffective

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