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The digital nomads – Making money while traveling. How do they do it?

They are called digital nomads and you’ve probably seen them on Instagram all the time. They live colorful and interesting lives, meeting interesting people and experiencing new cultures while you are stuck in your 9 to 6 regular corporate job.

As in most cases, ‘you can’t have it all in life’, at least not in the same time, and this particular lifestyle proves the point. Choosing a life on the road does not mean exactly 5 stars hotels and high end resorts, so the first question for you is: ‘are you up for it, are you willing to trade-off you cozy flat and comfortable belongings for some adventure?’

The trend of working remote is here to stay

According to, Bill Gates understood this several years ago when he predicted what is now common business knowledge. when he said:

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.”

But while “flexibility” has increased over the years in the gig economy, according to, too many companies are unable or unwilling to meet the demands of their own workforce, thus losing good talent to competitors with more flexible options like remote work.

How do they make a living?

  1. Freelance in the world wide web. A great way to make some money on the road is to do freelance for SMEs around the world interested in bargain services and skilled professionals desperate for some cash. Companies like or are a great way to earn some cash but you definitely will not help you out with a down payment for mortgage.
  2. Get a contract in place. A lot of people I know are actually under a contract while traveling so this actually is the best way to do it. Corespondents, photographs or sports agents are living this life on a pay check that covers the expenses.

  1. Make travel your business. I guy I know is running a travel agency and the core services are organizing high end gataways for rich clients. He is traveling with them as a travel guide and concierge.
  2. Get a remote job. Remote jobs are nowadays the new thing in HR. There are quite a lot of companies that have their entire workforce remote (see for e.g. Crossover). If you are a specialist in digital marketing, content writing, author and software programmer you can very well work remotely and a lot of companies accept this.
  3. Some Influencers on social media can afford it. The average annual earnings for Instagram influencers with important followers base is $150K. This is more than enough money to travel. You just need to build a 1 million followers base now.

Obviously, these are just some ideas but is not a comprehensive list. Let me know how you are making money on the road.

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