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SMEs preferred Business Consultant in Bucharest

Small business consulting firms are catering for SMEs or SMBs, the type of firms usually pass over by big consultancy. This is not because of a misplace sense of superiority but mainly because of the client’s budget limitations. These are mostly complex management consulting projects with a time frame of minimum 3 months that obviously takes a lot of man hours/days to fulfil.

Management consulting firms tend to focus on these big projects for the big margins generated by high rates and small business are often ignored. Also small business have different needs than medium or large sized companies. More often the needs of the SMEs cannot be fulfilled by the service portfolio of a large consulting company.

Some of these needs are: Company Registration, Contract Consulting, Commercial Law Consulting, Commercial Litigations, Legal Compliance, Economic Crimes litigations, Market Research, Brand Management, Business Development,  Marketing Campaign Management, NGO Fundraising, Media Relations,  CSR Compliance, Digital Marketing Consulting & Outsourcing, Crises management, HR Recruiting, etc.



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