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Pioneer Practitioner: “We complicate branding utterly unnecessarily”

Brand New by Wally Olins it’s an old classic but still relevant. It’s an easy read, the style is light and the sentence is not complicated so even if you’re not a branding and communication specialist you can read it. Is it worth it anyway?

Yes, it is worthwhile because practical teachings and concrete examples are put on paper not to impress with a bombastic phrase and business science, but it is clear to every reader and frankly stated by the author that it was his exact intention to simplify the concept of brand to the bare essence and the meaning of everyone precisely to remove all that lingo that is useless and irrelevant. As a former practitioner and university professor, the author possesses robust methods of branding and rebranding, but chooses not to include them in the book but merely states that although he was one of the pioneers in branding, the process was not superficial and over the years have designed effective branding methods so that the process has become a science rather than intuition.

There are two words that have remained in my mind after I finished reading the book and I think it is very good because it is a good afterthought. Too many times I’ve read books that did not enrich me and brings nothing but confusion.

  1. The first is ‘Authenticity’. I think the whole book has had as its subject this concept, a 200-page plea for building a brand based on authenticity, not what you want to be, or how you illusively perceive the brand.
  2. The second is ‘Simplicity’. Too often we complicate our life and in this case complicate branding more than necessary. If we understand branding in its essence than it will be understood by everyone. These creates more effective practitioners who will deliver authenticity, not powerpoint and entrepreneurs who will implement it in various business dimensions not only in marketing and advertising.


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