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Marketing strategy. Why for the good’s sake is it mistaken for tactics?

Strategy, strategic and the entire family of words of this term are over used and misunderstood. It’s undoubtedly more interesting to ‘make strategies’ than execution and definitely looks great on your business cards.

But strategy is not the same thing as method and tactics. We find that this confusion is quite common. The strategy is a long-term plan that includes all marketing objectives and is based on a sound prior marketing research. It is pretty much the foundation of a good marketing plan that includes all the tactics and methods of communication.

The marketing strategy is met at the level of marketing communication and should not be confused with the competitive strategy. I would like to recall the three types of marketing strategies: pull, push and profiles.

The first strategy aims to bring the product directly to the buyer through the distribution chain and this basically influences everything that means marketing communication and tactics. And the second aims to attract the customer to products. The latter combines both in an efficient way.

A pull marketing strategy, commonly used by service companies, is content marketing. Content marketing means communicating relevant topics and interest to key and well-defined audiences through storytelling (‘stories’ and media content) in order to prospect potential customers or to reassure existing customers.

Content marketing embraces all of these online communication platforms: facebook, twitter, slideshare, ebook, whitepapers, Linkedin, smartphone, youtube, blog, press releases, etc. and uses them in an integrated and consistent way depending on the specificity of the market in which the company operates, but also on the key audiences it targets. The idea is to communicate wherever your customers are.

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