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Is there anyone out there who is going to opt for a new supplier and fail to check him out online?

You probably read this article on your mobile phone and you are not the only one, there is an increase in mobile phone users for online search. We do not have the time or most probably the user behavior has changed. We prefer to search directly on the smartphone regarding a company or service while we are on a break on the job. Therefore, it is obvious that your company and services should be present on the first page of the search engine and mobile-friendly.

If you have a company that operate in the service sector, the online brand awareness is mandatory and part of the marketing journey. Let’s think about buying behavior, is there anyone out there nowadays who is going to opt for a new supplier and fail to check him out on the internet? Is this company a serious business?, who are the clients? What sort of projects have they done in the past?

Online Presence

Now, Is anyone willing to browse a mobile website if the website is not optimized for mobile? I definitely do not waste my time on an unresponsive & mobile-unfriendly website.

All these are common sense questions and the answers are obvious. One study highlights the fact that “the industries that offer respondents the best experience of accessing information on their mobile device are:
• media and entertainment (63% of respondents)
• financial-banking services industry (52%)
• technology and IT (47%)
• Telecommunications (36%)

Industries such as construction and real estate (8%), leasing and insurance (4%) and oil and gas (3%) have improved the experience of accessing information on mobile devices. If you operate in these industries, it is almost imperative to offer a good mobile experience but if you are not in these markets, this can be a differentiating factor and a competitive advantage.
If you have not yet invested in digital technology, we recommend that you do not hesitate. The market share you currently have can easily be eroded by a competitor who invests in digital innovation and marketing.

What you can do?

  • invest in an optimized website
  • invest in content marketing (use relevant content to get to your buyers)
  • investing in promotion through (Adwords) & appropriate social networks
  • Invest in SEO optimization for the website
  • Invest in a digital marketing specialist for a good marketing strategy that will create new marketing opportunities, identify well-targeted and cheap promotion channels, etc.


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