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Imagine your online traffic is made public. e-Privacy Law in Europe and the sectors affected

In these days and age, information is power. It may sound like a cliché but it is the simple truth. As a young professional, your digital footprint privacy may be not a concern right now, but could be the worse nightmare for a person seeking a public office or just higher office. E-Privacy should be about making sure the traffic data is kept anonymous and private at any time because this information can ruin lives in the wrong hands.

Here is an excerpt from the e-Privacy law that will take effect in 2019.

Traffic data used for marketing communications services or for the provision of value added services should also be erased or made anonymous after the provision of the service. Service providers should always keep subscribers informed of the types of data they are processing and the purposes and duration for which this is done.

(27) The exact moment of the completion of the transmission of a communication, after which traffic data should be erased except for billing purposes, may depend on the type of electronic communications service that is provided. For instance for a voice telephony call the transmission will be completed as soon as either of the users terminates the connection. For electronic mail the transmission is completed as soon as the addressee collects the message, typically from the server of his service provider.

(28) The obligation to erase traffic data or to make such data anonymous when it is no longer needed for the purpose of the transmission of a communication does not conflict with such procedures on the Internet as the caching in the domain name system of IP addresses or the caching of IP addresses to physical address bindings or the use of log-in information to control the right of access to networks or services.” –

This new law is considered to have a great impact over sectors like retail, e-commerce, pharma, telecom, advertising, ICT, etc.

In order to raise awareness around recent privacy announcements and listen to stakeholder feedback, the tech giants are already hosting e-privacy events with a range of stakeholders in Europe. The discussions are centred around privacy topics: GDPR & e-Privacy implementation approach.

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