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How do marketing, yoga, spiritual, blockchain or business gurus make money online?

Have you ever wondered  how an internet expert makes any money with his videos and free lessons? If yes, keep reading.

Chances are, you’ve probably watched some of these video pitches.

Well, it’s not actually that mysterious. Essentially, they all have an ‘Action call”, they want to you to do something. For example, one of my MBA mates is a blockchain stocks broker and he told me they are using a video to attract new prospects in order to sell. They make this inciting video emphasising on the way you will feel and the stuff you can do with the money. The guru paints you this image of getting reach with a click, all-so-reachable-he-did-it-already pitch and then he wants you to do one thing. Because he wants you to be rich like him! Sound legit, right? All the rich guys you know have this urge to share the knowledge and make others rich like them…not.

After making you watch the whole thing explaining you the process and telling you some impressive figures, then he makes the ask. He wants you to give him your details so he can give you more information. Yep, for this action call he might sell your leads to a third party. He is not gonna give you a call, the call centre blokes will. He will cash-in the referent fee.

Other way you can make money is by sending you to a landing page. The landing page, this time, has a different Action call. Yep, it’s something on the lines: “get the limited edition ‘How to get rich fast’ ebook NOW!”

Some, like this guy I am following on insta, is just an influencer. He is still making money out of it but you actually like him, know him and he gives you free advice and motivational speeches. His call for Action is ‘follow me!’ and his obvious gain is on the dual market by selling publicity on his website/social media, or getting paid to do conferences.

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