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Effective communication implies strategic thinking not just good content competences

I was recently asked what’s the difference between marketing and communication and initially I found it quite difficult to answer because the question did not make sense to me. If we confuse the word communication with public relations (PR), then yes, we can define each one concepts. But certainly marketing and communication are intrinsic, just as smile and communication is the same thing. Our facial expression, tone and messages are all communications. – I recommend to read what Professor Mehrabian says on this subject.

I will answer the question. Marketing as it is studied and define has a distinct understanding of Public Relations. The second is included and defined as a marketing communication technique (by most theoreticians), whereas marketing involves the management of the four key elements of Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement. These four elements are referred to as the marketing mix (4Ps), and by their management and adaptation, economic value is obtained. I guess Marketing should include important strategic components while PR only addresses one P, promotion.

This was the definition until recently, but public relations, branding and marketing are constantly changing and we notice nowadays that old distinctions are disappearing and that the two concepts are becoming more interrelated and interdependent. The scope of communication essentially remains the same, but the manner we communicate is ever changing. Due to the numerous forms of content and online platforms, content marketing strategy is becoming the new PR under the digital marketing umbrella.

Content marketing strategy means to identify best channels, and communicate on relevant topics to key and well-defined audiences through storytelling in order to prospect potential clients or retain existing clients. In this respect, it is pretty much the same definition as PR.

The difference is the fact that Content marketing strategy embraces all of these online communication platforms and forms of content: social media, content sharing platforms, ebook, white papers, influencer marketing, video marketing, podcasts, blog, press release wire, newsletter etc. and uses them in an integrated and coherent way depending on the specificity of the market in which the company operates, but also according to the key audiences it targets. Communicate where your customers are.

The boundaries of classic marketing communication are increasingly blurred by digital. Who can draw the borders clearly?

Nota Bene: Important to keep in mind that effective communication implies strategic thinking not just good content competences.

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