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Listing on the Stock Exchange. How do you prepare the communication for the IPO? There are 4 critical messages

For companies seeking an IPO on the main or secondary stock market, the marketing communication needs to be outmost important. A listing means first and foremost a new positioning on the market and it is often the case that the old brand identity is in contradiction with the new positioning. In the context of addressing …

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New research highlights reasons why Romanian SMEs are having trouble scaling-up

‘Why Romanian SMEs don’t scale-up? Insights on the Growth and Development of the Romanian SMEs’ is the name of a recent thesis drafted by business consultant Daniel A. Bujorean under the supervision of university professor Patrice Piccardi from Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France. Although the research is not based on a national representative sample, it reveals …

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Business Consultant in Bucharest, Romania Crowdfunding Start-up Finding

Crowdfunding is transforming. Equity crowdfunding is here to stay

When startups look for additional funding, there are many options to be considered. However, financing is no simple task. The very first financing usually comes from discussions with friends and family, $50k. Discussions with the angel investors and with the banks, for the most advantageous personal loans, could prove to be difficult. Crowdfunding market seemed …

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