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INTERVIU: Daniel Bujorean și Silviu Anghel despre asigurarea creanțelor

Fragment din articolul: “Cum poți încheia o poliță de asigurare pentru a te pune la adăpost?” În acest episod, Anghel Silviu, CCO la Obsidian Broker este intervievat de Daniel A. Bujorean, MBA, CIM despre schema guvernamentală de garantare privind asigurarea creditului comercial. “Asigurarea de credit comercial facilitată de Obsidian Broker oferă protecție în caz de neplată …

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How to Deploy a Strategy Review Process?

SCHOLAR PAPER A marketing audit starts with a good understanding of the market, the competitive strategy and positioning of the company. Considering the best practice in strategic planning, the marketing head or the entrepreneur should analyse and then conclude if the existing strategic positioning is still adequate. There are quite a lot of available guidelines …

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Search Engine: We reserve the right to create derivative products with your ideas

Almost 4 billion searches are made daily on the most popular search engine, and people of all nations and social classes use it for information, entertainment, comparison, documenting, shopping and validation. I am one of those who buys hundreds of thousands of people as a digital marketing consultant and uses the advertising service. It’s brilliant …

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The aftermath of Covid19 and the disappearing liberties

Op-ed by Daniel A. Bujorean “South Korea will strap tracking devices to the wrists of people who disobey quarantine mandates!” Police and local officials will enforce the societal control program as government monitors discovered a perfect pretext – phone records indicating some South Koreans had ventured out from their homes. – NYP “As Russian cities go into …

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‘I wanted the ‘mindset’ of a billionaire So I quit my job and bought the $2,000 course’ The Guru Hoax

Op-ed by Daniel A. Bujorean ‘It all started with a video seen on social media, Mr. Consultant was quite impressive. He was like talking to me and empathising with my situation. He used to be like me before he became a billionaire, a kid with no money and 5 to 6 job that he hated. …

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Marketing strategy. Why for the good’s sake is it mistaken for tactics?

Strategy, strategic and the entire family of words of this term are over used and misunderstood. It’s undoubtedly more interesting to ‘make strategies’ than execution and definitely looks great on your business cards. But strategy is not the same thing as method and tactics. We find that this confusion is quite common. The strategy is …

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Is there anyone out there who is going to opt for a new supplier and fail to check him out online?

You probably read this article on your mobile phone and you are not the only one, there is an increase in mobile phone users for online search. We do not have the time or most probably the user behavior has changed. We prefer to search directly on the smartphone regarding a company or service while …

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The struggle to capture the attention on social media and the Content Marketing Outsourcing Dilemma

There are hundreds of studies that talk about the most appropriate moment of time for Facebook posts, or about the frequency, content, and type of posts that receive the most appreciation. In connection with the type of posts, such as photos, videos, links, or plain text, views converge to visual content, including the official Facebook page is …

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Your marketing is prompt to be inefficient without a marketing information system. How to set it up?

Why you need Marketing Information System CRM to support the collection and the marketing funnel management HubSpot CRM for free. Interesting features One of the very first things that I want to know when taking the management of a new marketing department is how does the firm collects internal marketing information. This is important because …

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Business Consulting High Tech InsurTech

InsurTech explained. The trends and technology driving the industry

Insurtech explained is brought to you by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP and is a clear and comprehensive tutorial about the tech and business of retail or even commercial insurance market. Insurance markets around Europe are changing and InsurTech business models are now the present. Micro-insurance, peer-to-peer insurance, blockchain and IoT is revolutionising the industry in a large …

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Facebook’s Calibra Digital Wallet it’s a Bank, and this seriously shakes the financial world

You all heard the news, Facebook is going into cryptocurrency, or more exactly the digital wallet. Well, this is not actually the case. Facebook is looking to do something else at a level that seriously shakes the financial world. Announcing its Libra crypto and Calibra digital wallet, Facebook clearly stated that it wanted to reach unbanked consumers, …

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Expert: ‘Quantum Computer makes cybersecurity obsolete’ (Video)

Technology is advancing faster than ever and with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech expert Jeff Brown believes the present as we know it just changed and the immediate future (2030) will be a new world. “Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum …

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Zuckerberg to abandon the political correctness ad censorship but What’s really changing?

During a speech at the Georgetown University, some of the students asked questions about Facebook’s decision not to ban what some deem as questionable political ads on his social media platform. “I believe that when it’s not absolutely clear what to do, we should err on the side of greater expression,” Zuckerberg answered. “In a democracy, I …

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Strategic Retreat: Facebook to introduce digital tokens for real currencies like $USD and €EURO

In a report from, we find out that “Facebook will support both Libra and the new digital government currencies, with emphasis on the new tokens.  Facebook is backing away from Libra, the cryptocurrency it proposed last summer, for the time being. Instead, the social media giant will develop several separate digital tokens, each pegged to …

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Why and how top management can harness the emergent tech trends?

In his paper, ‘Identifying the future, The Daily Drucker’ (2004), Peter F. Drucker considers that the most important work for the management is to identify the changes that already happened. The true challenge in the society, economy and politics is to exploit the changes that already happened and to turn them into opportunities. It is …

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