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Bujorean & Co. assisting the premier platform for the European digital business sector, the premier digital media platform for the European digital business sector is partnering-up with Bujorean & Co.

Content marketing strategy is the best business to business strategy out there for a lot of businesses operating in the b2b sector. When the goal is lead generation, traditional media is not the best choice for this particular sector. For that you’ll need, relevant content, a mobile first website, efficient SEO/SEM and PPC campaigns. Getting leads to your website is hard work and SEO optimisation is even more of a struggle is enabling free article posting on its platform as a way to support the quality journalism and expert articles.

“We believe in giving a platform for quality expert articles and an opportunity for our highly targeted audience of executives from Europe, Euro-Asia and America to connect with thought leaders in their respective field of expertise,” –

Submitted articles will be pending quality review and will be published on the platform and sent to the readers data base. Companies will still have the opportunity to advertise on the platform using the digital marketing team.

You may submit your expert articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your business page. The aim is to reach the relevant business executives for your business, therefor reaching audiences beyond the endemic audience. The team is an extension of the marketing team and provides digital marketing services for no extra cost. You may book a free article, choose to boost your article for a fee or subscribe for a 12 month package and we will do the rest.

Get your free contributor account now at –

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