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Bujorean & Co. assisting a Belgian contractor operating in Knokke-Heist area

Bujorean & Co. is a 9 years old Romanian brand providing marketing services & business consulting for professional services announced the partnership with TIMO – Algemene Schilder & Decoratiewerken.

The company is based in Knokke-Heist, a city located along the North Sea in a polder area on the Belgian border with the Netherlands. It is Belgium’s best-known and most affluent seaside resort.

We have notable experience in various sectors such as: ICT, Legal Services, Real Estate, Accounting, Healthcare, Recruiting, Architecture, Construction, Banking, Insurance, Publishing and Trainings.

TIMO – Algemene Schilder & Decoratiewerken, a Belgian contractor operating in exclusive resort of Knokke-Heist, contracted BUJOREAN & CO. to develop an Online presence and Website development.

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