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66% of managers consider the internet the most important source of procurement

The idea that digital marketing or inbound marketing is not suitable for b2b business (a company that sells to companies) is not a new idea, but rather an old myth, assimilated both by old and new generations.

Not many times we have heard in discussions with our clients: “we sell cash machines to companies, we do not need facebook, newsletter and other of these kind,” or “lawyers are different, new clients come only through recommendation, the internet does not work with us! ‘ and then implacably the conclusion, “we had no new business from online, or anyway, if there were any, probably they were few …”

Why is this myth not true? Next, I will briefly try to argue against some of the arguments listed above.

The impression that b2b would be different from b2c and that things are different is partly wrong and that makes it totally wrong. Half the truth does not help at all, just falsify the premise from which it starts. Yes, there are definitely notable differences between the message, propagation media and communication tactics, but these differences come from business to business, we will never be able to apply a successful recipe from one company to another, we will adapt and shape all this marketing mix from case to case. There are Differences, and not only in the big b2b / b2c categories, but that does not completely exclude the use of digital marketing.

Who says buyers in b2b are not in digital? Because data contradicts this myth. Researchers say that only 13% of buyers are actually interested in the product / service first time from the seller or considered it the most important source of information! In fact, 66% of responders said the Internet is the most important source of information, and 88% have already decided who to hire as a lawyer or where to buy the product before contacting the seller. What do these percentages tell us? – Companies are made up of people who have digital presence. Just because browsing on Facebook we do not see professional profiles, that does not mean that our family doctor is not on the internet, nor that the purchasing director from the bank you are targeting is not interested to check your company on google to see if you are credible, what sort of clients you have and what’s your competences in the field.

Marketing is a constant and consistent activity not a punctual transaction in the crisis.

It is necessary to know about yourself, to be considered and then to make the decision to choose your business. It is a process and it works if you are consistent.

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